studio mr smith ibiza wedding photography

Dino Schmidt (mr.smith)

Passion for Art, Graphic Design and Photography.
I’ve always been passionate about art, graphic design and photography. A passion I cultivated through the years and I developed more in depth with my studies of Fine Arts in Germany.
When I moved to Ibiza I immediately felt in love and inspired by the light of this magical place which creates the perfect setting for shooting stunning pictures.
I focused on the details, because are these specific moments that create the whole story.
For me when taking a picture is important a good technique almost impeccable as a state of art, but the eyes and the soul of the photographer are the key parts in the success of creating a remarkable picture.

I shoot with the NIKON 750 and several lenses. Trying to avoid flash light and getting soft light into the lense is one of my biggest target…
So have a look into my portfolio and have fun!